GEOPHYSICAL applies and offers services related to scientific environmental studies.

For example, the company studied  saltwater intrusion in La Foa's aquifer (2010) and in La Tontouta's aquifer (2008 and 2009). La Tontouta and La Foa are coastal cities located in the New Caledonia West Coast. GEOPHYSICAL confirmed the effectiveness of Electrical Resistivity tomography (combined to I.P.) for this type of situation.

Following in the steps of state-of-art western universities and research institutes who already combine geophysical methods with environmental surveys, GEOPHYSICAL  intends to expand it's environmental department by applying electrical tomography to issues such as “water management” and “pollution” (industrial, agricultural, waste ...) in New Caledonia and around the world.

The role of ERT in environmental studies :

  • Strategic positionning for piezometers or pumping wells
  • Saltwater intrusion detection
  • Contamination detection

In Hydrogeological studies :

  • Evaluation and monitoring of the water resources
  • Study of contamination plumes, using for example Spontaneous Polarization combined with other studies
  • Piezometer : measurements, installation and monitoring of water management system
  • Hydro-geochemical studies, in-situ analysis, geochemical logs

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