Mining prospection

Faced with the growing global demand on metal, we now have to turn to ore bodies which are much less accessible and more complex to exploit. It is essential to understand the complex nature of ore body, it's genesis and it's formation.

Exploring, imaging, optimising, understanding and modelling are the different steps involved to give the geologist a complete and comprehensive image of the ore body, without any environmental impact.

By performing geophysical imaging utilizing ERT and economising on drilling costs, companies who work with GEOPHYSICAL optimise their mining exploitation and get added value for their ore body (geometry, shape, kind of ore: laterite, saprolite, hydrogeology…)

For many years now GEOPHYSICAL has been establishing ERT geophysics (Electrical Resistivity Tomography) as a valued method particularly adapted to the nickel mines of New Caledonia (tropical alteration mantle on ultramafic rocks). The different levels of the alteration profile present here extremely contrasted resistivities.

Geo-electrical characterisation of the ore body enable the different layers and structures to be identified. With no environmental impact Electrical Tomography ERT is the ideal tool for geophysical prospection in the lateritic alteration profiles around the world and this is true for all types of ore body.

GEOPHYSICAL can assist you whatever stage you are at in your mining project!


GEOPHYSICAL leads small to large scale geophysical campaigns. GEOPHYSICAL has performed over 120 km of surveys line for  the GORO project, a total of 150 km on the Tiébaghi mine (SLN)

GEOPHYSICAL also works in “pure” exploration, by performing survey lines in unexplored zones with little to no exploration holes, thus giving an estimation of a potential ore body.

This means :

Helping  to define ideal drilling targets !

Added value to existing drill-holes with lateral variation imaging ! 


By  increasing the density of parallel 2D-ERT lines, ore body vision becomes clearer, allowing pseudo 3D (isopach, isohypse) multidirectional correlations to be performed. Real 3D-ERT (ore body) can also be performed.

For mining geologists today Geophysical surveys have become
an essential tool.