Corporate profile

Before founding GEOPHYSICAL in 2005, Dr Cécile Savin studied, developped (2002) and validated Resistivity Tomography (2003) as an efficient tool for mining exploration (in collaboration with the IRD and the SLN ). GEOPHYSICAL, a New-Caledonian company specialises in geophysical prospection applied to mining resources, as well as to geotechnical and environmental studies.

Since it's inception GEOPHYSICAL has acquired a wide range of skills and experience, unique in the nickel mines of New Caledonia (New Caledonia is predicted to take the world number 2 position of Nickel Producers in 2018). For many companies GEOPHYSICAL is regarded as the expert in the field of geophysical exploration utilizing Electrical Tomography.

The non-intrusive geophysical surveys carried out by the teams at GEOPHYSICAL serve as an excellent tool for mine company geologists. The surveys have no environmental impact and are used alongside drilling campaigns to optimise ore body esimations.

GEOPHYSICAL is Innovative and dynamic, at the cutting edge of  research and development. With the necessary geophysical and hydrogeological tools at hand GEOPHYSICAL offers an extensive range of services to cover  civil and mining areas of the environment and civil engineering.

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