The history behind GEOPHYSICAL

«GEOPHYSICAL and I.R.D. : a relationship based on trust»


IRD (Institute of Research and Development) - 2D Electrical Tomography  in Senegal on the Tenkoto site: enables the  different layers in the lateritic alteration mantle to be distinguished successfully.


The "UR037_IRD" (a laboratory within the IRD) proposes  a one-year series of 2D Electrical Resistivity Tomography tests to the SLN (Société Le Nickel) - along 150 km on the  Dome massif.  The SLN accepts and the IRD calls on C. Savin to carry out the study as part of her post-doc.

In conclusion to this research program Electrical Resistivity tomography is validated as a prospecting tool for nickel mines in tropical lateritic alteration mantles.


Cécile SAVIN sets herself up as a freelance consultant. Based in Koumac and Nouméa in the SLN offices, she maintains her close relationship with the research department at the IRD concerning the geological characterisation of the Dôme massif (structural geology, hydrogeology…)


Founding of GEOPHYSICAL S.A.R.L.


Working on other mines, for the SLN but also for VALE-NC, and still in close relationship with the IRD, GEOPHYSICAL is based in the IRD building as part of  "the host & support program for innovative young scientific companies".


Cecile SAVIN (CEO of GEOPHYSICAL) on her own until then decides to take on 2 engineers (MsC), and a technician. She also purchases the material needed to perform geophysical surveys (mid- 2008) an ERT acquisition system as well as  two  4WD vehicles.


GEOPHYSICAL leaves the "host & support program for innovative young scientific companies"  at  the IRD building and sets up it's own offices in the city center of Noumea.


GEOPHYSICAL launches it's website:,  

GEOPHYSICAL invests in another acquisition system (Terrameter LS ABEM), in a GPS (R6 Trimble) and in a 3rd 4WD vehicle,  thus allowing 2 teams to work on different sites at the same time. GEOPHYSICAL intends to develop it's  “Environment and hydrogeology Services” department utilising various geophysical tools.

GEOPHYSICAL hires a second technician and a PhD geophysicist. Today at GEOPHYSICAL  there are  1 engineer, 2 PhD geophysicist ( including the CEO), 2 technicians, an executive assistant, and a part-time trainees (Master level required).

GEOPHYSICAL is proud to  assist in local development,  hiring temporary workers from neighbouring villages for the duration of surveys (3 to 4 workers per team).